2016 Tournament Dates: August 05-14

College Coaches

College Coach Letter

Summer, 2016

Dear College Coach:

We hope that you are planning to attend the USTA Boys' 18 & 16 National Championships on August 5-14, 2016. Some things you'll need to know:

1. New Event: College Coach Player Recruitment Reception on Thursday, August 4. This event is free - sign up by Wednesday, August 3

2. Purchase a 2016 Player List by credit card, cash or check ($40)

3. Sign up for a printed name badge (no cost)

Click on the College Coach Registration tab (ustaboys.com) to make your selections and pay on-line for the Player List or note on the form that you will pay at Registration in Kalamazoo.

New Event: College Coach Player Recruitment Reception (free)

Thursday, August 4 from 10am - Noon in Balch Lobby, Light Fine Arts Building on Thompson Street

Note: Player Registration will begin at Noon on Thursday, August 4 in the Hicks Center after the Player Recruitment Reception concludes

How to Sign Up: Click on College Coach Registration tab (ustaboys.com)

Sign Up Deadline: Wednesday, August 3


The Boys' 18 & 16 National Championships Player Lists will be sent via email post-tournament. Two lists (one for each age division) include the name, address, birthday, high school graduation year, and phone number for each participant. We also attempt to secure each player's email address. These lists and the Final Draw sheet are available for $40. Advance Registration: Sign up online by Wednesday, August 3.

To Purchase the Player Lists:
By snail mail: Complete the Order Form and include your check. Checks should be made payable to: Kalamazoo College. Kalamazoo College Tax ID# is 38-73-0410F.
By credit card: Call Terry Miller at 269.337.7343 with your credit card number, or you can
complete the College Coach Registration form at: www.kzoo.edu.usta/coaches.php. You will receive an instant email receipt and so will the Tournament Office.

On-Site: You may register on-site during Player Registration on Thursday & Friday, August 4-5 at the Hicks Center (lower level). Beginning August 6: Contact Terry Miller (located this year in the Carriage House behind the bathrooms at Stowe Stadium) at 269.377.3934 or email: tmiller@kzoo.edu.

If you have any questions, please call the tournament office 269.337-7343 or email me at tmiller@kzoo.edu. I look forward to seeing you at the tournament this summer.

Terry Miller

Assistant to the Tournament Director

1200 Academy Street • Kalamazoo College • Kalamazoo, MI 49006 • Phone: (269) 337-7343 • Fax: (269) 337-7385

Coach Registration Form

Download the 2015 College Coach Form

Coaches Attending Tournament

University Coach Name Coach Type Email
University of Mississippi Vaughn, Taylor Assistant thansson@olemiss.edu
Abilene Christian University Walker, John Assistant jtw03@acu.edu
Ball State University Richards, Bill Head brichard@bsu.edu
Baylor University Knoll, Matt Head Matt_Knoll@baylor.edu
Boise State University Patton, Greg Head gpatton@boisestate.edu
Cal Poly Carless, Nicholas Head ncarless@gmail.com
Carnegie Mellon University Girard, Andrew Head agirard@andrew.cmu.edu
Clemson University McCuen, Jr., Chuck Head charles@clemson.edu
Clemson University Boetsch, John Assistant jboetsc@clemson.edu
Cleveland State University Etzkin, Brian Head b.etzkin@csuohio.edu
Cleveland State University Polito, Frank Assistant f.polito@csuohio.edu
Dartmouth College Drake, Christopher Head chris.m.drake@dartmouth.edu
Dartmouth College Boysen, Tom Assistant thomas.w.boysen@dartmouth.edu
Duke University Smith, Ramsey Head rssmith@duaa.duke.edu
Duke University Stokke, Jonathan Assistant jstokke@duaa.duke.edu
Elon University Leonard, Michael Head mleonard5@elon.edu
Elon University Vargas, Cesar Assistant cvargas2@elon.edu
Grand Canyon University Maharaj, Amit Assistant amit.maharaj@gcu.edu
Indiana University Wurtzman, Jeremy Head wurtzman@iu.edu
Indiana University Murray, Mike Assistant mikemurr@indiana.edu
Kalamazoo College Riley, Mark Head mriley@kzoo.edu
Liberty University Benson, Rich Assistant rbenson5@liberty.edu
Liberty University Johnson, Chris Head cjohnson4@liberty.edu
Limestone College Ferguson, Alan Head aferguson@limestone.edu
Michigan State University Orlando, Gene Head Orlando@ath.msu.edu
Michigan State University Hume, Damian Assistant Humedami@msu.edu
North Carolina State University Choboy, Jon Head Jon_choboy@ncsu.edu
North Carolina State University Cloer, Mathew Assistant mccloer@ncsu.edu
Northwestern University Swan, Arvid Head a-swan@northwestern.edu
Northwestern University Klingemann, Chris Assistant c-klingemann@northwestern.edu
Ohio State University Tucker, Ty Head Tucker.62@osu.edu
Ohio State University Kronauge, Justin Assistant kronauge.1@osu.edu
Penn State University Tobin, Paul Assistant pjt154@psu.edu
Penn State University Zinn, Jeff Head jtz10@psu.edu
Presbyterian College Herendeen, Adam Head aherendee@presby.edu
Presbyterian College Fediuk, Patrick Assistant aherendee@presby.edu
Princeton University Pate, Billy Head bpate@princeton.edu
Princeton University Keckley, Ryan Assistant rkeckley@princeton.edu
Rice University Ustundag, Efe Head efe@rice.edu
Rice University Szumanski, Bojan Assistant bojan@rice.edu
Samford University Esmail, Rahim Head resmail@Samford.edu
Santa Clara University Mills, Derek Head dmills@scu.edu
Southern Methodist University Neufeld, Carl Head cneufeld@smu.edu
Southern Methodist University Spencer, Kyle Assistant kpspencer@smu.edu
Tennessee University at Chattanooga Garcia, Carlos Head Carlos-Garcia@utc.edu
Texas A&M University McKinley, Bob Assistant Bmckinley@athletics.tamu.edu
Texas A&M University Denton, Steve Head sdenton@athletics.tamu.edu
Texas Christian University Roditi, David Head d.roditi@tcu.edu
Texas Christian University Bowen, Devin Assistant devinjb3@yahoo.com
Texas Tech University Wilson, James Head james.wilson@ttu.edu
The Citadel Kriese, Chuck Head ckriese@citadel.edi
The Citadel Matlenes, Wilson Assistant wmathewes@erskine.edu
The College of William & Mary Daub , Peter Head pbdaub@wm.edu
Tulane University Booras, Mark Head mbooras@tulane.edu
Tulane University Mckie, James Assistant jmckie@tulane.edu
University North Carolina - Chapel Hill Paul, Sam Head spaul@unc.edu
University South Carolina Goffi, Josh Head jgoffi@mailbox.sc.edu
University South Carolina Young, Ryan Assistant ryany@mailbox.sc.edu
University of Alabama Husack, George Head ghusack@ia.ua.edu
University of Alabama DeHeart, Ryler Assistant rdeheart@ia.ua.edu
University of California at Davis Steidlmayer, Eric Head esteidlm@ucdavis.edu
University of California at Los Angeles Martin, Billy Head bmartin@athletics.ucla.edu
University of California at Los Angeles Chen, Grant Head bmartin@athletics.ucla.edu
University of Denver Eberly, Drew Head Drew.Eberly@du.edu
University of Georgia Diaz, Manuel Head mannydiaz@sports.uga.edu
University of Georgia Hodge, Bo Associate bhodge@sports.uga.edu
University of Hawaii Nelson, John Head johnnels@hawaii.edu
University of Illinois Dancer, Brad Head dancerbrad@aol.com
University of Illinois Asse, Marcos Assistant marcos@illinois.edu
University of Iowa Houghton, Ross Wilson Head ross-wilson@hawkeyetennis.com
University of Iowa Schaub, Ty Assistant ty-schaub@hawkeyetennis.com
University of Kentucky Emery, Matt Assistant matt.emery@uky.edu
University of Louisville Ecarma, Rex Head rex@gocards.com
University of Louisville Gustafsson, Jakob Assistant jakob@gocards.com
University of Marquette Rodecap, Steven Head Steven.Rodecap@mu.edu
University of Marquette Shaufler, Jud Assistant judson.shaufler@mu.edu
University of Michigan Steinberg, Adam Head adamste@umich.edu
University of Michigan Maymi, Sean Assistant smaymi@umich.edu
University of Minnesota Young, Geoff Head young843@umn.edu
University of Minnesota Ljubic, Urban Assistant ljubi001@umn.edu
University of New Mexico Dunbar, Ben Assistant bdunbar@unm.edu
University of New Mexico Scott, Bart Head bas@unm.edu
University of Notre Dame Sachire, Ryan Head sachire.2@nd.edu
University of Notre Dame Schaechterle, Adam Assistant aschaech@nd.edu
University of Oregon Pilbor, Jonas Assistant jpiibor@uoregon.edu
University of San Diego Masi, Brett Head usdtennis@sandiego.edu
University of San Francisco Bartlett, Peter Head ppiresdealmeida@usfca.edu
University of San Francisco de Almeida, Pablo Pires Assistant coachpablopda@gmail.com
University of Southern California Smith, Peter Head sctennis@usc.edu
University of Southern California Kwinta, Chris Assistant sctennis@usc.edu
University of Texas Center, Michael Head mc@utexas.edu
University of Texas Rubio, Ricardo Assistant tennis@utexas.edu
University of Toledo Wermer, Al Head al.wermer@utoledo.edu
University of Virginia Boland, Brian Head Bpb8n@virginia.edu
University of Washington Anger, Matt Head manger@uw.edu
University of Washington Russelll, Chris Assistant cruss@uw.edu
Utah State University Shields, Clancy Head clancy.shields@usu.edu
Valparaiso University Daugherty, James Head james.daugherty@valpo.edu
Valparaiso University Woodson, Michael Assistant michael.woodson@valpo.edu
Vanderbilt University Duvenhage, Ian Head Ian.Duvenhage@vanderbilt.edu
Vanderbilt University Hunt, Jamie Assistant james.w.hunt@vanderbilt.edu
Wake Forest University Bresky, Tony Head breskyt@wfu.edu
Wake Forest University Feldman, Jeremy Assistant feldmaja@wfu.edu
Washington and Lee University Davis, William Assistant davisww@wlu.edu
Yale University Dorato, Alex Head alex.dorato@yale.edu
Yale University Appleman, Christian Assistant christian.appleman@yale.edu
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