2015 Tournament Dates: July 31-August 09

College Coaches

College Coach Letter

Summer, 2015

Dear College Coach:

As in the past, the USTA Boys’ 18 and 16 National Championship Player Lists will be available to all coaches. The two lists (one for each age division) include the name, address, birthday, high school graduation year and phone number for each participant. We also attempt to secure each player’s e-mail address. These lists as well as the final draw sheet are available for a $40.00 fee. I will email the player lists in an electronic format: .xls, doc (version 2004-2007 format).

To purchase the Player Lists, please mail or fax the attached form by July 29 to the Tournament Office. If you are paying by mail, please complete the attached order form with your method of payment. Checks should be made payable to “Kalamazoo College.” The Kalamazoo College Tax ID number is 38-73-0410F. Note: We accept all credit cards.

If you have any questions, please call the tournament office (269) 337-7343 or email me at tmiller@kzoo.edu. I look forward to seeing you at the tournament this summer.

Terry Miller

Assistant to the USTA Boys’ 18 & 16 Tournament Director

1200 Academy Street • Kalamazoo College • Kalamazoo, MI 49006 • Phone: (269) 337-7343 • Fax: (269) 337-7385

Coach Registration Form

Download the 2015 College Coach Form

Coaches Attending Tournament

University Coach Name Coach Type Email
Kalamazoo College Riley, Mark Head mriley@kzoo.edu
Limestone College Ferguson, Alan Head aferguson@limestone.edu
Penn State University Tobin, Paul Assistant pjt154@psu.edu
Penn State University Zinn, Jeff Head jtz10@psu.edu
Rice University Ustundag, Efe Head efe@rice.edu
Rice University Szumanski, Bojan Assistant bojan@rice.edu
Texas A&M University McKinley, Bob Assistant Bmckinley@athletics.tamu.edu
Texas A&M University Denton, Steve Head sdenton@athletics.tamu.edu
Tulane University Booras, Mark Head mbooras@tulane.edu
Tulane University Mckie, James Assistant jmckie@tulane.edu
University of Alabama Husack, George Head ghusack@ia.ua.edu
University of Alabama DeHeart, Ryler Assistant rdeheart@ia.ua.edu
University of Georgia Diaz, Manuel Head mannydiaz@sports.uga.edu
University of Georgia Hodge, Bo Associate mannydiaz@sports.uga.edu
University of Louisville Ecarma, Rex Head rex@gocards.com
University of Louisville Gustafsson, Jakob Assistant jakob@gocards.com
University of Marquette Rodecap, Steven Head Steven.Rodecap@mu.edu
University of Marquette Shaufler, Jud Assistant judson.shaufler@mu.edu
University of Minnesota Young, Geoff Head young843@umn.edu
University of Minnesota Ljubic, Urban Assistant ljubi001@umn.edu
University of Oregon Piibor, Jonas Head jpiibor@uoregon.edu
University of San Francisco Pires De Almeida, Pablo Head ppiresdealmeida@usfca.edu
University of South Carolina Goffi, Josh Head jgoffi@mailbox.sc.edu
University of South Carolina Young, Ryan Assistant ryany@mailbox.sc.edu
University of Southern California Smith, Peter Head sctennis@usc.edu
University of Southern California Kwinta, Chris Assistant sctennis@usc.edu
University of Texas Center, Michael Head mc@utexas.edu
University of Texas Rubio, Ricardo Assistant tennis@utexas.edu
Vanderbilt University Duvenhage, Ian Head Ian.Duvenhage@vanderbilt.edu
Vanderbilt University Hunt, Jamie Assistant james.w.hunt@vanderbilt.edu
Wake Forest University Bresky, Tony Head breskyt@wfu.edu
Wake Forest University Feldman, Jeremy Assistant feldmaja@wfu.edu
Yale University Dorato, Alex Head alex.dorato@yale.edu
Yale University Appleman, Christian Assistant christian.appleman@yale.edu
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