2014 Tournament Dates: August 02-10

College Coaches

College Coach Letter

Summer, 2014

Dear College Coach:

As in the past, I am making available to all college coaches the USTA Boys’ 18 and 16 National Championship Player Lists. The two lists (one for each age division) include the name, address, birthday, high school graduation year and phone number for each participant. We also attempt to secure each player’s e-mail address. These lists are available for a $40.00 fee. Again this year, I will email the player lists in an electronic format: Excel or Word (version 2004-2007 format) or PDF.

Due to lack of participation by the players, the tournament will no longer host a College Coach Expo prior to the tournament as we have done in the past. Players will have to make their own contact arrangements with College Coaches.

Beginning in 2014, the Boys’ 18 & 16 National Championships will hold a 64-player Qualifier for both age divisions. Below is the information provided by the NCAA regarding when recruiting may take place at these events:

1. Players competing in the Qualifier may speak with coaches PRIOR TO signing in the Qualifier.

2. Qualifier players that play the subsequent USTA National Championship areconsidered signed in for the Main Draw at the time they have signed in for the Qualifier and may not speak with coaches between the end of the Qualifier and the beginning of the Main Draw.

3. Qualifier players who do not play in the subsequent USTA National Championship are eligible to speak with coaches once they have been released from the Tournament.

4. Note that all Qualifier players, whether or not the qualified for the Singles Main Draw, are eligible to play Doubles.

5. Main Draw players who have not played in the Qualifier may speak with coaches at any time prior to signing in for the Main Draw.

Qualifying Event

The USTA Boys’ 18 & 16 National Championships will begin with a “Qualifying Event” on July 31 and August 1. The dates of the main draw tournament are August 2-10, 2014. The Tournament will officially begin on July 31 thru August 10. Every tournament participant who plays in the “Qualifying Event” can play “Doubles” in the main draw, with the same NCAA rules.

To purchase the Player Lists, please mail or fax the attached form by July 28 to the Tournament Office. If you are paying by mail, please complete the attached order form with your method of payment. Checks should be made payable to “Kalamazoo College.” The Kalamazoo College Tax ID number is 38-73-0410F. Note: We accept all credit cards.

NOTE: Due to construction on the WMU campus located off Dormitory Rd, limited parking will be available. We suggest that coaches utilize the Tournament Shuttle that runs from 8am until the last match of the day between the Radisson Hotel, Stowe Stadium and Sorensen Courts at WMU.

If you have any questions, please call the tournament office (269) 337-7343 or email me at tmiller@kzoo.edu. I look forward to seeing you at the tournament this summer.

Terry Miller

Assistant to the USTA Boys’ 18 & 16 Tournament Director

1200 Academy Street • Kalamazoo College • Kalamazoo, MI 49006 • Phone: (269) 337-7343 • Fax: (269) 337-7385

Coach Registration Form

Download the 2014 College Coach Form

Coaches Attending Tournament

University Coach Name Coach Type Email
Ball State University Richards, Bill Head brichard@bsu.edu
Dartmouth College Drake, Christopher Head chris.m.drake@dartmouth.edu
Dartmouth College Boysen, Tom Assistant tom.boysten@dartmouth.edu
Georgia Tech University Thorne, Kenny Head kthorne@athletics.gatech.edu
Georgia Tech University Schwandt, Derek Assistant dschwandt@athletics.gatech.edu
Gonzaga University MacDonald, Peter Head macdonald@athletics.gonzaga.edu
Harvard University Fish, David Head fish@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard University Rueb, Andrew Assistant andrewrueb@gmail.com
Liberty University Benson, Rich Assistant rbenson5@liberty.edu
Liberty University Johnson, Chris Head cjohnson4@liberty.edu
Michigan State University Orlando, Gene Head Orlando@ath.msu.edu
North Carolina State University Choboy, Jon Head Jon_choboy@ncsu.edu
North Carolina State University Cloer, Mat Head mccloer@ncsu.edu
North Carolina University at Wilmington Dubois, Mait Head duboism@uncw.edu
Ohio State University Kronauge, Justin Assistant kronauge.1@osu.edu
Ohio State University Tucker, Ty Head Tucker.62@osu.edu
Stanford University Coupe, Brandon Assistant bcoupe@stanford.edu
Stanford University Goldstein, Paul Head
Texas A&M University Denton, Steve Head sdenton@athletics.tamu.edu
Texas A&M University McKiney, Bob Assistant bmckinley@athletics.tamu.edu
Texas Tech University Siegel, Tim Head tim.siegel@ttu.edu
Texas Tech University Wilson, James Assistant james.wilson@ttu.edu
The College of William & Mary Daub , Peter Head pbdaub@wm.edu
Tulane University Booras, Mark Head mbooras@tulane.edu
Tulane University Fitzgerald, Niall Assistant nfitzger@tulane.edu
University of Alabama Husack, George Head ghusack@ia.ua.edu
University of Alabama DeHeart, Ryler Assistant ryler.deheart@gmail.com
University of Arizona Berkowitz, Tad Head tadb@arizona.edu
University of Arizona Spencer, Arron Assistant arronspencer@arizona.edu
University of Arkansas Jackson, Andy Head andyj@uark.edu
University of Arkansas Briceno, Nestor Assistant nestorb@uark.edu
University of California at Davis Steidlmayer, Eric esteidlm@ucdavis.edu
University of Denver Westerman, Danny Head danny.westerman@du.edu
University of Georgia Diaz, Manuel Head mannydiaz@sports.uga.edu
University of Georgia Glenn, Will Assistant wglenn@sports.uga.edu
University of Iowa Houghton, Steve Head stephen-houghton@uiowa.edu
University of Iowa Wilson, Ross Assistant ross-wilson@hawkeyetennis.com
University of Louisville Ecarma, Rex Head rexecarma@louisville.edu
University of Louisville DaSilva, Rodrigo Assistant rodrigo.dasilva@louisville.edu
University of Memphis Goebel, Paul Head pgoebel@memphis.edu
University of Miami Dickson, Mark Assistant markdickson@miami.edu
University of Michigan Steinberg, Adam Head
University of Michigan Wurtzman, Jeremy Assistant
University of Minnesota Young, Geoff Head young843@umn.edu
University of Minnesota Ljubic, Urban Assistant ljubi001@umn.edu
University of Nevada Las Vegas Hambrook, Owen Head owen.hambrook@unlv.edu
University of Notre Dame Sachire, Ryan Head sachire.2@nd.edu
University of Notre Dame Schaechterle, Adam Assistant adam.h.schaechterle.1@nd.edu
University of Oklahoma Roddick, John Head jroddick@ou.edu
University of Oklahoma Hodges, Bo Assistant bohodge@ou.edu
University of Oregon Piibor, Jonas Head jpiibor@uoregon.edu
University of San Diego Masi, Brett Head usdtennis@sandiego.edu
University of San Diego Brooklyn, Matt Assistant mjbrooklyn@sandiego.edu
University of San Francisco Pires De Almeida, Pablo ppiresdealmeida@usfca.edu
University of South Carolina Goffi, Josh Head jgoffi@mailbox.sc.edu
University of South Carolina Young, Ryan Assistant ryany@mailbox.sc.edu
University of Southern California Smith, Peter Head sctennis@usc.edu
University of Southern California Kwinta, Kris Assistant kwinta@usc.edu
University of Tennessee Woodruff, Chris Assistant cwoodru1@utk.edu
University of Tennessee at Knoxville Winterbotham, Sam Head swinter2@utk.edu
University of Texas Center, Michael Head michael.center@athletics.utexas.edu
University of Texas Rubio, Ricardo Assistant ricardo.rubio@athletics.utexas.edu
University of the Pacific Redondo, Ryan Head rredondo@pacific.edu
University of the Pacific Llarenas, Danny Head danielllarnas@gmail.com
University of Utah Brateanu, Roeland Head rbrateanu@huntsman.utah.edu
University of Utah Pollock, Daniel Assistant dpollock@huntsman.utah.edu
University of Washington Anger, Matt Head manger@uw.edu
University of Washington Russelll, Chris Assistant cruss@uw.edu
Vanderbilt University Duvenhage, Ian Head Ian.Duvenhage@vanderbilt.edu
Vanderbilt University Hunt, Jamie Assistant james.w.hunt@vanderbilt.edu
Wake Forest University Feldman, Jeremy Assistant feldmaja@ufu.edu
Wake Forest University Bresky, Tony Head breskyt@wfu.edu
Winthrop University Belov, Sergey Head belovs@winthrop.edu
Xavier University Toth, Eric Head tothe@xavier.edu
Yale University Dorato, Alex Head alex.dorato@yale.edu
Yale University Appleman, Christian Assistant christian.appleman@yale.edu
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