2014 Tournament Dates: August 02-10

Pre Tournament Info

2013 USTA Boys’ 18 and 16 National Championships

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Tournament ID # 850001013

USTA, Medical and Media Release Form


• Eligibility
This event is restricted to the following Junior players: U.S. Citizens; Permanent Resident Aliens; Diplomats, Refugees and asylees; Junior players residing in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Samoa or Guam and Canadian residents of British Columbia.

Players with I-485 Filings Eligible for Junior National Ranking and to Compete in USTA Junior National Championships. Non-US citizens whose I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Resident or Adjust Status) has been accepted for filing may receive a USTA junior national ranking. They may also play in USTA National Championships, USTA National Opens, USTA Boys and Girls 18 Interscholastics (East/West), and USTA National Team Championships (Zonals, Intersectionals, Fed and Davis Cup).

Eligibility of Professionals: Age-eligible professional players may play in the USTA National Championships. They are selected into the tournament under the existing selection rules which are the most likely means of selection into the tournament.

• Entering the Tournament
All registration and payment of entry fees is done via internet:
USTA.com, Junior Tournaments: TennisLink Tournament ID #850001013

Online registration begins Thursday, May 23 and ends Thursday, July 11 at 11:59 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time. No late registrants will be selected for the tournament.

• USTA, Medical and Media Release Form
USTA, Medical and Media Release Form must be filled out by parent/guardian and be turned in to Player Registration at Markin Tennis Center when player registers at the Nationals. Parents who are not traveling with their player may download the pdf file and fax or send in to the Nationals office before the tournament begins. Mailing address and fax number are listed at the bottom of the form.

• For Players Unable to use the Internet
If you do not have access to the internet or are unable to make payment of the $110 entry fee by credit card, contact either your Sectional Endorser for assistance or Mark Riley at mriley@kzoo.edu 269.337.7079. In order to ensure timely registration, please contact your Sectional Endorser or Mark Riley on or before July 3.

• Singles Acceptance
The selection of a singles player into the Nationals (except Wild Cards) is done by computer after the entries close for each division (Boys’ 18s and 16s). Selection for the singles draw will be posted as soon as the USTA makes the entry selections and will be posted to the Tournament’s USTA TennisLink Home Page and also to ustaboys.com.

• Wild Cards
Up to twelve Wild Cards for each division (Boys’ 18s & 16s) may be granted for The Nationals. The tournament does not have applications - players are to complete the online application. The USTA Regulations have changed with respect to Wild Cards. Applications are no longer due on the entry deadline. They are now due to the Director of Junior Competition no later than five days after the entry deadline. This will allow a player to wait to learn if he has been accepted into the tournament before he submits his Wild Card application. Applications, however, may still be submitted on or before the entry deadline.

After the application deadline, the Wild Card Committee will meet to select Wild Cards, if any. Wild Card recipients will be notified by the USTA Director of Junior Competition. Wild Card recipients will need to make arrangements with the tournament to pay their entry fee.

Tournament Withdrawals:
• Before the Start of Play
It is your responsibility to immediately take action to withdraw from the Tournament should circumstances arise which would not enable you to compete. We also ask that you cancel any hotel reservations that you’ve made or, if you’ve requested private housing, cancel your housing request with the Housing Chair.

• Prior to the Thursday, July 11 – 11:59 A.M. EDT Entry Deadline
Go to the Tournament’s USTA TennisLink via the link at the top of this page. Once in the system click the “Register Now” text in red. When you arrive at the next page, click on “Withdraw” on the left side of the screen. You’ll need your confirmation number from your original registration to withdraw. Because your credit card will not be charged prior to the entry deadline, no refund needs to be made.

• After Entry Deadline and Before July 28
Immediately contact Mark Riley at (269) 377-3940. You will be refunded your $110 entry fee by check after the Tournament is completed.

• After the Draw is Made on July 28
Immediately contact Mark Riley at (269) 377-3940. No refund will be given unless the withdrawal is due to illness, injury or personal emergency and a written statement as to the reason for withdrawal is provided.

• Replacement of Withdrawing Players Before the Draw is Made
Players with timely entries on Sectional Endorsement Lists who have not been accepted into the Singles Draw are called Alternates. Prior to making the draw on July 28, when a withdrawal occurs, that spot is replaced with an alternate as follows:

Sectionally-Endorsed Players
When a player withdraws who has been accepted into the draw by virtue of his placement on a Sectional Endorsement List, he is replaced by the next highest alternate on his Section’s Endorsement List.

National Championship Selection List Players, Wild Cards, National Open Qualifiers and National Standings List Players
When a player withdraws who has been accepted into the draw by virtue of his appearance on the National Championship Selection List, his receipt of a Wild Card, as a National Open Qualifier, or as a remaining vacancy from the National Standings List, he is replaced by the next highest alternate on the National Tournament Alternate List (see below).

• Replacement of Withdrawing Players After the Draw is Made
The draw will be made on July 28. After the draw is made, each withdrawing player will be replaced with the next highest player on the National Tournament Alternate List (see below).

National Tournament Alternate List
The National Tournament Alternate List will consist of the top 35 players in each age division of singles.

The List is used to replace certain withdrawing players as described above before the draw is made and to replace all withdrawing players after the draw has been made. The order of players on this list is determined by using the National Standings List used to do the selection immediately after the entry deadline. The National Tournament Alternate List will be posted to the USTA TennisLink Home Page. As withdrawals that effect the National Tournament Alternate List occur, it will be revised on the TennisLink website. Players accepted into the draw from the National Tournament Alternate List will receive a telephone call from the Tournament Director.

• Payment of Entry Fee by Players Accepted into the Draw After the Entry Deadline
Players who are accepted into the draw after the entry deadline have not yet paid the $110 entry fee. This includes Wild Card recipients and players accepted because of the withdrawal of another player who was originally accepted into the draw. Such players accepted after the entry deadline will be asked to pay their entry fee by check or credit card prior to beginning play in the Tournament. Checks made payable to Kalamazoo College – Nationals should be sent to: Mark Riley, Kalamazoo College, 1200 Academy Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49006. To pay by credit card, call the Tournament Office (269) 337-7343.

• Doubles Application, Acceptance and Draw

Registration for the Boys’ 18 Doubles will be held from 12:00 Noon to 5:00pm EDT on August 1.

Registration for Boys’ 16 Doubles will be held on August 1 and 2. Please note that on August 2, the Boys 16 Doubles Desk closes at 4:00pm EDT.

Registration for Doubles will be held at the Markin Racquet Center. Teams who have previously registered for the Doubles Championships must reconfirm their partnership during the Doubles Registration period.

Players who are in the Singles Draw as well as any player who has been endorsed by their Sectional Endorser to play singles may apply to enter doubles. Additionally, the first and second place finishers in the doubles tournaments at the July, 2013 USTA National Opens automatically receive a berth, whether or not they play with the partner with whom they won the USTA National Open. Finally, any doubles player or team who has received a Doubles-Only Endorsement from their Section may enter the Doubles event.

All teams made up of two players that have been accepted into the Singles Draw and all teams made up of National Open Doubles Qualifiers and their partners shall be accepted. If the draw is not full, additional teams will be accepted in the following order:

  • Teams made up of one player in the Singles Draw and one sectionally-endorsed alternate or recipient of a Doubles-Only Endorsement.
  • Teams made of two players that are sectionally-endorsed alternates and/or recipients of a Doubles-Only Endorsement.

The Tournament is not responsible for matching a player with a partner.

The Boys’ 18s Doubles Draw will take place on Thursday evening, August 1. Times and draw will be posted on Friday morning, August 2. 18s Doubles play will begin not before 12:30pm EDT.

The Boys’ 16s Doubles Draw will take place on Friday evening, August 2. Times and draw will be posted on Saturday morning, August 3. 16s Doubles play will begin not before 1:00pm EDT.

• Tournament Withdrawals After Play Has Begun
Players desiring to withdraw from the Tournament for any reason after play has begun must notify Darrell Davies, Official Tournament Referee, at the Stowe Stadium Tower prior to leaving Kalamazoo. Player must fill out Player Withdrawal Form. If the reason is due to injury or illness, the player will be asked to meet with the Official Referee and a Trainer or Doctor before leaving Kalamazoo to verify the illness or injury. Players failing to do so may be defaulted.

• Tournament Registration – Boys’ 18s & Boys’ 16s
Players must report to Markin Racquet Center (corner of Academy & Catherine Streets) on the Kalamazoo College campus to register for the Tournament during the following times:
(Kalamazoo is located in the Eastern Time Zone)

*Note – Per NCAA ruling, if attending the College Coach Expo you may not register until after the Expo. The Expo will be held on Thursday, August 1 at the Balch Theatre Lobby on the campus of Kalamazoo College (behind Light Fine Arts building) on the corner of Academy and Thompson Streets. If approaching on foot from Stowe Stadium you may use the west staircase to Balch Theatre.

Boys’ 18s
Thursday, August 1
from Noon – 9:00pm EDT

Note: 18s Doubles Registration closes at 5:00pm EDT
Friday, August 2 from 8:00am – 7:00pm EDT
Saturday, August 3 from 7:00am – Noon EDT

Boys’ 16s
Thursday, August 1 from Noon – 9:00pm EDT (if in town)
Friday, August 2 from 8:00am – 7:00pm EDT

Note: 16s Doubles Registration closes at 4:00pm
Saturday, August 3 from 7:00am - Noon EDT

• Feed-In Championships
Players losing in any singles round through the quarterfinals will be entered in the Feed-In Championship (FIC). Play in the FIC is mandatory as is play in the playoff for 3rd and 4th place in singles. The winner and runner-up in the FIC are the winners of 5th and 6th places in the Tournament.

• Final Round Play and Awards
All final round play of the singles will be on Sunday, August 11. Doubles Finals are played on Saturday, August 10, Boys’ 16s at 1:30pm and Boys’ 18s at 2:30pm, although the schedule is subject to change. The USTA will award gold, silver and bronze tennis balls to the first, second and third place finishers in Singles and Doubles.

• US Open Wild Cards
Singles Wild Cards
Boys 18 Singles Champion - Singles Main Draw: US Open* and Junior US Open**
Boys 18 Singles Finalist - Singles Qualifying Draw: US Open*
Boys 16 Singles Champion - Singles Main Draw: Junior US Open

Doubles Wild Card
(Players must play with the same doubles partner to receive the doubles Wild Card)
Boys 18 Doubles Champions - Doubles Main Draw: US Open* and Junior US Open**

* Per Grand Slam rules, players under the age of 14 will not be eligible for entry
** Players must be age eligible by ITF Rules to receive the Wild Card for the Junior US Open

• Sportsmanship Awards
The Nationals will present the USTA Sportsmanship Award. Each participant will be invited to nominate up to three players for the Tournament Committee to consider for the Sportsmanship Awards. You have been involved in tournaments with these players all year and are in a good position to bring to our attention those players worthy of consideration for these awards. The winner of the USTA Sportsmanship Award will receive a commemorative plaque from the USTA.

Three sportsmanship trophies are given each year. The Dr. Allen B. Stowe Award is presented in Boys 18s; the Bobby Kaplan Trophy is awarded in Boys' 16s; and the Wes Richards Feed In Trophy winner is named from players in the consolation tournaments.

• Match Start Times
Players can find their times on the large draw board at Stowe Stadium on the campus of Kalamazoo College.

Players are solely responsible for checking their own start times.

Start times with the prefix “S” will be played at the host site, Stowe Stadium on the campus of Kalamazoo College. Start times with the prefix of “W” will be played at the co-site, Sorensen Courts at Western Michigan University.

• Dress Code
All players are required to wear appropriate tennis attire and dress in a manner consistent with being a participant in “The Nationals.”

• Practice Courts
Practice times will be scheduled for the Stowe Stadium courts beginning at noon on Wednesday, July 31. Practice courts must be reserved in person to allow all participants an equal opportunity at reserving court time – no telephone reservations will be taken. Reservations may be made at the Stowe Stadium Tower on a first come - first served basis. One player alone may not reserve a court; both players who wish to practice together must sign in together. Practice time blocks are for one hour per day. If vacant courts are available they will be assigned on a standby basis, first come - first served. Coaches may hit with a player, but will be asked to share a court if needed. During the tournament, the indoor courts at Markin Racquet Center are used as warm-up for players with scheduled matches. If there are available courts, they will be assigned on a first come – first served basis. Players with scheduled matches will be given priority.

• Trainers, Doctors and Dentists
Trainers, Doctors and Dentists will provide continual medical coverage throughout the entire tournament. Trainers will be on duty an hour before the first match until the finish of the last match each day. At Stowe Stadium, trainers are located at the court level of the Tower and will call for a tournament doctor if necessary. Trainers will be at or near the tournament tent at WMU Sorensen Courts. In case of an emergency, any Tower Official will help contact a tournament physician. If you need to withdraw from the Tournament for medical reasons, you must come to the Tower to have the Official Referee sign your withdrawal form. Failure to do so will result in suspension points.

• Pet Policy
No pets allowed. A.D.A. Service Animals - A.D.A. equipment with I.D. ONLY.

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