2015 Tournament Dates: July 31-August 09

2014 Tournament Information

Singles (draw of 128) with Feed-In Championship
Doubles (draw of 96)

• USTA National Championship Entry Regulations
The USTA Regulations now allow a player to enter more than one age division of a USTA National Championship. If you want to play the Nationals in Kalamazoo, but aren't sure if you'll be accepted, you may now enter up to two age divisions. In the past, players had to decide which division to enter at the time of entry and if they entered and didn't get into the older division, they were left playing no tournament at all.

When Tournament selection is done, players will be first selected for the 18's and then for the 16's division. If you are selected for the 18's Nationals in Kalamazoo, you will not be considered for selection into the younger age division you entered. If you are not selected for the 18's Nationals in Kalamazoo, you will only be considered for selection into the 16's division and you will only be eligible to be an alternate in the younger age division, but not in the older division. Additionally, a player may not enter one division in singles and a different division in doubles at sites where two divisions are held. This is an important thing to consider before entering - if you enter two divisions, are not accepted into the older division, you can be considered for the 16's and if not selected, you can be considered to be an alternate in the younger division only.

Eligibility: Boys' 18 - Born August 1, 1995 or later
Eligibility: Boys' 16 - Born August 1, 1997 or later

Entry is open to professional players

Entry Fee: $110.00 (includes singles and/or doubles)

• Singles Entry - Online Registration begins Thursday May 22, 2014

Tennis Link Registration Tournament ID # 850001014

Online Registration closes Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 11:59 A.M. EDT

• USTA, Medical and Media Supplemental Release Form

USTA, Medical and Media Release Form must be filled out by parent/guardian and be turned in to Player Registration at Markin Tennis Center when player registers at the Nationals. Parents who are not traveling with their player may download the pdf file and fax or send in to the Nationals office before the tournament begins. Mailing address and fax number are listed at the bottom of the form.

College Coach Contact

Due to lack of participation by the players, the tournament will no longer host the College Coach Expo prior to the tournament as we have done in the past. Players will have to make their own contact arrangements with College Coaches.

Beginning in 2014, the Boys’ 18 & 16 National Championships will hold a 64-player Qualifier for both age divisions. Below is the information provided by the NCAA regarding when recruiting may take place at these events:

1. Players competing in the Qualifier may speak with coaches PRIOR TO signing in the Qualifier.

2. Qualifier players that play the subsequent USTA National Championship areconsidered signed in for the Main Draw at the time they have signed in for the Qualifier and may not speak with coaches between the end of the Qualifier and the beginning of the Main Draw.

3. Qualifier players who do not play in the subsequent USTA National Championship are eligible to speak with coaches once they have been released from the Tournament.

• Match Formats:

All matches will be the best of 3 tiebreak sets. The Boys’ 18 singles final may be best of 5 tiebreak sets.

• Tournament Singles FIC will feed in losers through the quarterfinals.

• Format: There will be a playoff for 3rd and 4th place in singles and doubles. Play in the FIC and playoff matches is mandatory.

Main Draw Singles (including play off for 3rd& 4th place): best of 3 Tiebreak Sets, except that finals of The USTA Boys' 18 Nationals (Kalamazoo) shall be the best of 5 Tiebreak Sets.

Feed-In Championship or Non-East Compass Draw Matches; Best of 3 Tiebreak Sets with a 10-Point Match Tiebreak Set in lieu of a 3rd set.

Doubles Matches: The Best of 3 Tiebreak Sets shall be used in the semifinal, final, and playoff for 3rd place. All other doubles matches shall use the Best of 3 Tiebreak Sets with a 10-Point match Tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd Set.

• US Open Wild Cards
Singles Wild Cards
Boys 18 Singles Champion - Singles Main Draw: US Open* and Junior US Open**
Boys 18 Singles Finalist - Singles Qualifying Draw: US Open*
Boys 16 Singles Champion - Singles Main Draw: Junior US Open

Doubles Wild Card
(Players must play with the same doubles partner to receive the doubles Wild Card)
Boys 18 Doubles Champions - Doubles Main Draw: US Open* and Junior US Open**

* Per Grand Slam rules, players under the age of 14 will not be eligible for entry
** Players must be age eligible by ITF Rules to receive the Wild Card for the Junior US Open 

• Sportsmanship Awards
The Nationals will present the USTA Sportsmanship Award. Each participant will be invited to nominate up to three players for the Tournament Committee to consider for the Sportsmanship Awards. You have been involved in tournaments with these players all year and are in a good position to bring to our attention those players worthy of consideration for these awards. The winner of the USTA Sportsmanship Award will receive a commemorative plaque from the USTA.

Three sportsmanship trophies are given each year. The Dr. Allen B. Stowe Award is presented in Boys 18s; the Bobby Kaplan Trophy is awarded in Boys' 16s; and the Wes Richards Feed In Trophy winner is named from players in the consolation tournaments.

• Match Start Times
Players can find their times on the large draw board at Stowe Stadium on the campus of Kalamazoo College.

Players are solely responsible for checking their own start times.

Start times with the prefix “S” will be played at the host site, Stowe Stadium on the campus of Kalamazoo College. Start times with the prefix of “W” will be played at the co-site, Sorensen Courts at Western Michigan University.

• Dress Code
All players are required to wear appropriate tennis attire and dress in a manner consistent with being a participant in “The Nationals.”

For your information, water is available on all courts at both tournament locations, bring your own water cooler and ice if you want it. If you'll be using the local practice courts, bring your own cooler with water, as most don't have fountains.

• Practice Courts

Practice times will be scheduled for the Stowe Stadium courts beginning at noon on Tuesday, July 30. Practice courts must be reserved in person to allow all participants an equal opportunity at reserving court time – no telephone reservations will be taken. Reservations may be made at the Stowe Stadium Tower on a first come - first served basis. One player alone may not reserve a court; both players who wish to practice together must sign in together. Practice time blocks are for one hour per day. If vacant courts are available they will be assigned on a standby basis, first come - first served. Coaches may hit with a player, but will be asked to share a court if needed. During the tournament, the indoor courts at Markin Racquet Center are used as warm-up for players with scheduled matches. If there are available courts, they will be assigned on a first come – first served basis. Players with scheduled matches will be given priority.

• Trainers, Doctors and Dentists
Trainers, Doctors and Dentists will provide continual medical coverage throughout the entire tournament. Trainers will be on duty an hour before the first match until the finish of the last match each day. At Stowe Stadium, trainers are located at the court level of the Tower and will call for a tournament doctor if necessary. Trainers will be at or near the tournament tent at WMU Sorensen Courts. In case of an emergency, any Tower Official will help contact a tournament physician. If you need to withdraw from the Tournament for medical reasons, you must come to the Tower to have the Official Referee sign your withdrawal form. Failure to do so will result in suspension points.

• Tournament Director: Mark Riley 269.377.3940 (cell)

• Tournament Main Site: Stowe Stadium at Kalamazoo College

Location: 1200 Academy Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49006 Map

• Tournament Co-Site: Sorensen Courts at Western Michigan University

Location: 1900 N. Dormitory Road just North of Corner of W Michigan Ave &
N Dormitory Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49006 Map

NOTE: Due to construction on the WMU campus located off Dormitory Rd, limited parking will be available. There will be FREE PARKING in the adjacent ramp, Parking Structure #1, as well as parking at the lot near the Lower Courts. We suggest that players, coaches and parents utilize the Tournament Shuttle that runs from 8am until the last match of the day between the Radisson Hotel, Stowe Stadium and Sorensen Courts at WMU.

• Pet Policy

Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets inside Stowe Stadium due to public health laws. We welcome ADA-qualified service animals that are specifically trained to work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.
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