2024 Entering Both Age Divisions

2024 Eligibility: Boys' 18 - Born September 1, 2005 or later
2024 Eligibility: Boys' 16 - Born September 1, 2007 or later

Entry is open to professional players.

The USTA Regulations allows a player to enter more than one age division of a USTA National Championship. If you want to play the Nationals in Kalamazoo, but aren't sure if you'll be accepted, you may now enter up to two age divisions.

Players will be first selected for the 18's division and then for the 16's division. Players selected for the 18's Nationals in Kalamazoo will not be considered for selection into the younger age division. Players not selected for the 18's Nationals in Kalamazoo will be considered for selection into the 16's division. Players not selected for either age division are only eligible as an alternate in the 16’s division.

Additionally, a player may not enter one age division in singles and a different age division in doubles. This is an important thing to consider before entering - if you enter two divisions, are not accepted into the older division, you can be considered for the 16's and if not selected, you can be considered to be an alternate in the younger division only.


2024 Singles Alternates

On-Site Alternate Protocol: Please check in at the Tournament Desk at Stowe Stadium at 7:30 am each morning to register as an on-site alternate. 

Alternate List: The Tournament Committee shall prepare an alternate list of those endorsed players not accepted into the singles main draw. Alternates shall be ordered using the National Standings List used to accept players into the draw to fill remaining vacancies.  Late entrants who are eligible for selection shall be listed below these players by the date and time on which the late entry is made.  If multiple late entries are received at the same time, they shall be ordered by lot.  Late entrants are not ordered by position on the National Standings List.

Replacement of Player Before Draw is Made: The Tournament Committee shall replace a player who withdraws or is otherwise removed but was accepted as part of a Section’s quota with the next player on that Section’s endorsement list.  If no players remain on a Sectional Endorsement List, the player shall be replaced with the highest remaining alternate.  The Tournament Committee shall replace a player who was NOT accepted as part of a Section’s quota with next highest remaining alternate.

Replacement of Player Before Draw is Made: Winner of designated Sectional Ranking Tournament accepted into The USTA National Championships. The Tournament Committee shall replace a winner of a designated Sectional Ranking Tournament accepted into The USTA National Championships with the next player on the Sectional Endorsement List from the winner’s Sectional Association. If no players remain on a Sectional Endorsement List, the player shall be replaced with the highest remaining alternate.

Replacement of Player Before Draw is Made: All other players. The Tournament Committee shall replace a player accepted from a Direct Acceptance List; a wild card recipient; an endorsed player accepted from the National Standings List used to accept players into the draw pursuant to Regulation XIII.D.5.; and a player accepted from the alternate list with the highest listed remaining alternate.


2024 Doubles Events Eligibility


Players Eligible to Enter Doubles Event: The following players are eligible to enter the Doubles events of USTA Nationals Championships:

     • Singles Players

     • Singles Alternates 

     • Players with Doubles Only endorsements

All players (including alternates) must have applied for entry into the tournament by the July 11, 2024 11:59am EST deadline. Each player is responsible for finding his own doubles partner.

The doubles registration deadline is Sunday, July 28 at 11:59 P.M. EDT .

TO REGISTER A DOUBLES TEAM, BOTH PLAYERS must send an email to coinfirm their partner name and age division to the Doubles Committee: doubles@kzoo.edu. 

If your doubles partner should change at any time before doubles registration closes, you must email doubles@kzoo.edu with your new doubles parter name and age division. 

Still Need A Doubles Partner?

You can use the MatchTennisApp Free Doubles Pairing Service to find a partner. However, you must still register the team with the Doubles Committee at doubles@kzoo.edu. See steps below.

To Find a Doubles Partner Follow These Steps:

  1. Create a FREE account or login to MatchTennisApp.com
  2. Search for and click on our tournament details page inside of Match Tennis App
  3. Click the “Find A Doubles Partner” button and add your player’s name to the doubles list
  4. Then contact and be contacted by others looking for a doubles partner 
  5. Once a partner is secured BOTH players MUST email the Doubles Committee at doubles@kzoo.edu to confirm your partner name and age division.

The doubles pairing service is privatized through Match Tennis App, so you do NOT have to share any personal contact info with others unless you choose to do so!

Teams entering doubles are categorized in three priorities: Priority 1: A team consisting of players who are in the Singles tournament; Priority 2: A team consisting of 1 player in Singles and 1 not in Singles; Priority 3: A team consisting of 2 players not in Singles. 

Priority 1 teams are guaranteed in the Doubles Draw; Priority 2 teams are not guaranteed in the Doubles Draw, however may recieve one of the final spots in the draw. Priority 3, from past experience, have little chance of getting in the Draw. Deadline for doubles entry is: July 28, 2024


2024 Selection Process

Player Entry and Selection Information can be found here. Below you can view the various methods of player acceptance:

  • Direct Acceptance List: Boys 18 & Boys 16

  • National Level 2 Qualifier List – Finalists of July Level 2

  • USTA National Standing List

  • Section Quota List

  • Wild Cards – click here to apply (deadline: TBA)