2024 Withdrawals

Before Entry Deadline: 

Before entries close, a player may withdraw from a tournament. A withdrawing player's credit card has not been charged and therefore no further communication between the withdrawing player and the tournament is necessary.

After Entry Deadline:

After entries close, players are instructed to immediately contact the tournament if they need to withdraw. Bona fide reasons for a withdrawal are illness, injury and personal circumstances. 

All withdrawals for reasons other than illness, injury and personal circumstances or withdrawals for any reason without the proper written notification are actually defaults and Code of Conduct Reports will be completed for each defaulting player even though an alternate may take that defaulting player's place in the draw.

Per USTA rule: Withdrawals after the entry deadline will not be refunded.

Written Notification Requirements for Withdrawals:

In order for a withdrawal to be bona fide and, if after the draw is made or after play starts, coded as "Withdrawal" or "Walkover" on the drawsheet, the player must fulfill the following written verification requirements::

• Injury or Illness Written Verification Requirement: If the player is not playing because of injury or illness, the player shall deliver written verification of the injury or illness from a medical professional to the Referee no later than the last scheduled day of the tournament. If a tournament has a trainer on site, it is recommended that the trainer be asked to provide the written verification on site before the player leaves the tournament.

• Personal Circumstance Written Verification Requirement: If the player is not playing because of a personal circumstance, the player shall deliver a written description of the situation no later than the last scheduled day of the tournament and the Referee shall determine whether the situation is a personal circumstance.

Team Withdrawals:

Players enter this tournament as a team, are either selected as a team or played on the alternate list as a team. The withdrawal of one player is deemed to be the withdrawal of the team; however after entries close a player will be given a limited amount of time to find a replacement partner so long as the combined standing is greater than or equal to that of the first alternate team.

It is solely the responsibility of the players comprising a team to communicate with each other about a withdrawal prior to entries closing so that the remaining player may find another partner because the Tournament Committee does not have access to contact information before entries close.

When a player withdraws after entries close the remaining player must immediately contact the Tournament Director to make arrangements for a period of time to find a replacement partner. The time permitted will depend on the proximity to the start of the tournament. The withdrawing player must follow the instructions regarding written notification of a withdrawal.