2020 Information 


As the Tournament Director, I extend a warm welcome on behalf of Kalamazoo College, Western Michigan University, and the hundreds of members of this year’s Tournament Committees. We hope your visit to Kalamazoo will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Congratulations on being one of the top tennis players in your age division in the United States. You have worked hard to earn the right to play in the USTA National Championships, and you deserve to have a tournament conducted for you in a professional manner. We will run a tournament that is fair to all competitors. In return, we expect that you will conduct yourself in a professional manner, adhering to proper and courteous standards of decorum. Have fun, play hard, and good luck to each of you.

Mark Riley • Tournament Director

A WORD FROM THE REFEREE ... The modern game of tennis and the rules by which it is played have changed little since its inception in early nineteenth century England. In 1989, Colonel Nick Powel wrote “The Code”. This was not a set of rules of the game, but rather a set of standards of fair play, an attitude if you will, by which all competitors should abide. It is in that context that I would remind everyone who is involved in this national championship to see their role as well. Parents, relatives, friends, and coaches should see themselves as integral parts of this event and act according to the spirit if not the letter of “The Code”. Each person has a specific but different role in completing this event successfully. Players play matches, parents parent, coaches coach, and officials officiate. If everyone fulfills their specific role as they should (according to “The Code”), we will have a successful team effort in completing this event.

As the referee I am ultimately responsible for all outcomes in this tournament. If any coach, professional, or parent observes anything which, after careful thought, disturbs you, then take it up at once with me directly or one of the deputy referees who represent me (chair and line umpires are prohibited from interacting with the public). Be assured that I will use my best judgment in handling all situations and will attempt, above all, to be fair and correct in every decision I make insofar as it is humanly possible. Please enjoy your time here.

Darrell Davies • Referee

Players - TEXT a SELFIE to 269.350.3389 (new number as of 7/16/19)

This year each player may TEXT a "selfie" prior to the tournament to be used for their Nationals badge.
1) Must be an ACTUAL SIZE Head and Shoulders shot (not a reduced size such as small, medium or large)
2) Must be portrait (vertical) orientation
3) Photo must be of ONLY THE PLAYER
5) We will crop photo to a head shot, but the entire photo will be on the website
6 Photo* must be approved by the Jr. Nationals Photo Chairman
* Tournament Photographer will take your photo during Registration if your selfie is unusable or you're unable to send a selfie.

• Dress Code for the Nats
All players are required to wear appropriate tennis attire and dress in a manner consistent with being a participant in “The Nationals.”


Photography Services - For the 13th year, YourGameFace will be the official photographers for the National Championships in Kalamazoo. RESERVE your spot by appointment to ensure your player's match is documented. YourGameFace has a variety of products at every price range. Do not miss this opportunity to document your player's national championship experience! www.yourgameface.com

• To Sign Up Early or at the Tourney ... Call 214-543-5437
• Come by the Photo Booth at Stowe Stadium or Western Michigan University
• Follow us on Instagram ... @yourgameface

Hitting Partner from Kalamazoo College Men's Tennis Team
Contact Ian Yi :734.635.1136

Products include premium tennis strings, racquets, grips, apparel and other accessories.

• Racquet Stringing Available
Stringing for players will be available at Stowe Stadium. The Stringer tent will be located in Stowe Stadium Parking Lot and will be set-up mid-afternoon on Wednesday, August 6 throughout the tournament.

• Used Tennis Balls
Used tennis balls are available at the main ticket booth at Stowe Stadium beginning Sunday, August 9 for $5/dozen.

Road Construction
Note: There is considerable road construction in Kalamazoo every summer. Be aware of delays!

• Mandatory Player Meeting Information

  • Players must check into the appropriate tournament desk no later than 15 minutes prior to scheduled match start time. We do not use “no sooner than” scheduling and it is not the tournament’s responsibility to find players.
  • All Main draw, outdoor matches will be chaired by USTA chair certified umpires. Indoor matches may be roved. Line crews will be used on cts. 2 & 3 at Stowe beginning with the main draw quarterfinals. Ball runners will work matches on courts 1, 2 & 3 at Stowe Stadium.
  • Only appropriate tennis attire is permitted on court at all times, including practice. You must wear a shirt at all times while on court.
  • You will have a 5-minute warm-up. Up to 10-minutes warm-up will be allowed with a change of court venue.
  • All Main draw singles matches will be best of three tie-break sets (except the 18’s final which will be best of five tie- break sets). There is a mandatory 10 minute rest period after split sets in all Main draw singles matches. A deciding 10 pt. match tie break will be used in lieu of a 3rd. set in all feed-in singles matches up to the 3rd. place play-offs and all doubles matches up to the semifinals including play offs for 3rd. place.  A mandatory 3 minute rest will occur following split sets when a 10 pt. deciding match tie break is used.
  • Use of any electronic device during a match is prohibited. Consulting these devices during matches is considered access to coaching.
    • Smartwatches must be removed prior to play.
    • PAT devices are fine if they are an integral part of the tennis racket being used. No external sensors around the court are allowed however.
    • Private video capture of matches is allowed with prior consent of all players on court. Chair umpires will be observant about camera placement on fences etc. and ask players if they all consent. Play will not be delayed to obtain consent.
  • If you are defaulted for behavior in one event, it can be grounds for defaulting you from all your remaining events.
  • You must participate in all events you registered for. The referee is the only person that can authorize a withdrawal, and only for a bona fide injury, illness, or personal circumstance according to USTA rules.  If you are a “default no-show” for a match, you may be defaulted from any remaining matches. No-show players are assessed 5 suspension points. Notification after the fact does not satisfy USTA protocol for withdrawing, you must SEE the referee PRIOR to your next round match. 
  • The alternate entries list will be posted at the Stowe Stadium Tower by 7:45 am. Friday morning.
  • Coaching is not allowed at any time during play. Coaching is permitted only off-court during rest periods.
  • Wilson US Open, Extra Duty balls will be used for all matches.
  • All players must be registered for the tournament before play.
  • The USTA reserves the right to conduct random drug tests throughout this event. Alcohol is a drug. We exercise a zero tolerance policy with regard to all drug use.
  • Listen carefully to all public address announcements for instructions about suspension of play due to adverse weather. Remain in the court area unless directed otherwise. Rain plan information is at 269-337-7079 with details on-line at www.ustaboys.com.
  • "Next match” information can be found on line.
  • Please clean up after using practice courts, especially off-site locations.
  • Fill and supply ice to your water jugs before you arrive at your match so you begin with cold fluid. We have iced bottled water in jugs on court for you during matches. We do not supply iced water prior to matches.
  • Code violation sequence is: point, game, default. All code violations convert into suspension points.  Suspension points can be assessed for behavior following a match on or off the court as well.
  • Three balls will be put into play for all matches and three new balls will be used for full third sets. A ball change pattern of 7 & 9 will be used beginning with 18s and 16s Main Singles and Doubles Semi Finals. No new balls issued for 10 pt. match tie breaks.
  • Check the back of your player name badges for instant access to important contacts. Otherwise, consult the tournament web site for contacts and information: www.ustaboys.com

• Kalamazoo College Minors on Campus Policy
Kalamazoo College has a strict Minor on Campus Policy that needs to be reviewed and adheared to while minors are visiting campus. Please review the policy by visiting: https://reason.kzoo.edu/hr/policies/deptpolicies/minors/

Practice Courts - see list below and map above

*Fees will apply for all indoor courts listed below other than Markin Racquet Center. Call for availability and reservations at the YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo locations: (269) 345-9622.

• Stowe Stadium Practice Courts

Practice times will be scheduled for the Stowe Stadium courts beginning at Noon on Wednesday, August 5. Times are as follows: Wednesday, August 5 from Noon - 6:00 pm and Thursday, August 6 from 8 am - 6 pm with the exception of 12:00 - 3:30 pm when the Kids Day will be using all 11 courts at Stowe. Practice courts must be reserved in person to allow all participants an equal opportunity at reserving court time – no telephone reservations will be taken. Reservations may be made at the Stowe Stadium Tower on a first come - first served basis. One player alone may not reserve a court; both players who wish to practice together must sign in together. Practice time blocks are for one hour per day. If vacant courts are available they will be assigned on a standby basis, first come - first served. Coaches may hit with a player, but will be asked to share a court if needed. In case of rain, Stowe Stadium reservations are cancelled.
• Markin Indoor Warm-Up Courts
During the tournament, the indoor courts at Markin Racquet Center are used as warm-up for players with scheduled matches. The courts will be monitored Friday morning August 7 through noon Wednesday, August 12. If there are available courts, they will be assigned on a first come – first served basis. Players with scheduled matches will be given priority.
The courts will be open from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm. Courts will be monitored until 5:00 pm. After that, players are expected to share.
Markin Indoor Warm-Up Court rules are as follows:
• Walk in and sign in - no advance sign-up for court time. We will assign up to four players per court.
• Triage in case all courts are full:
- Players with the most immediate matches get priority
- Players who have been on the court longest will be bumped first
• General rules:
- Players will have at least a half hour to warm up before a match
- Players may play until they are bumped. It is highly unlikely that anyone will wait more that a half hour;
  generally they will be able to get right on court
The YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo (both Maple and Portage branches) are available for use by players with tournament ID. Indoor courts are available to all tournament players for $10 per hour at both Maple and Portage branches. Parents may use the YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo facilities at no charge with tournament ID.

• Water and Ice

For your information, water is available on all courts at both tournament locations, bring your own water cooler and ice if you want it. If you'll be using the local practice courts, bring your own cooler with water, as most don't have fountains.

For more information on Practice Courts, see the map and click on the Practice Courts icon.


• Sunday, August 9, 2020

Player Party hosted by the Tournament. Party will be at the Radisson Hotel, in the upper level ballroom from 7pm - 10pm. Player Party includes a pasta buffet dinner and features music and ping-pong. 

Our Serve Parent, Family & Personal Player Coach Dinner - The Tournament  and Discover Kalamazoo are hosting a dinner for player parents, families and personal player coaches at the Radisson Hotel from 7pm - 10pm. The buffet dinner will be served until 9:30pm. Invitations will be distributed at Registration.

• Tuesday, August 11, 2020

West Main Hill Neighborhood Picnic from 6-9pm at Henderson Park 

(bordered by Prospect Street & Grand Avenue - within walking distance of Stowe Stadium) just west of Kalamazoo College. A picnic with food, prizes, and socializing for players, parents, coaches and officials. Food service ends at 8:30pm.

Walking directions: 
Head west on Academy St toward Thompson St - 0.3 mile
Turn right onto Monroe St - 0.1 mile
Turn left onto Grand Avenue - 371 feet

• Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Dinner at the Nats Enjoy Doubles matches at Stowe Stadium with a delicious catered box dinner. Dinners available for pick up at Stowe between 5-6pm on Wednesday. Box dinners are $10 each. To reserve dinner(s) contact Emily Fink-Craig via email at ecraig@kzoo.edu or by phone 269.337.7343 before Friday, August 7.


• Trainers, Doctors and Dentists

Trainers, Doctors and Dentists will provide continual medical coverage throughout the entire tournament. Trainers will be on duty an hour before the first match until the finish of the last match each day. At Stowe Stadium, trainers are located at the court level of the Tower and will call for a tournament doctor if necessary. Trainers will be at or near the tournament tent at WMU Sorensen Courts. In case of an emergency, any Tower Official will help contact a tournament physician. If you need to withdraw from the Tournament for medical reasons, you must come to the Tower to have the Official Referee sign your withdrawal form. Failure to do so will result in 5 suspension points.

The prescribed USTA “Emergency Care Guidelines” will be followed and can be found in the 2019 publication of “Friend at Court” (pages 167-170).
Notes from Athletic Trainers ... As many of you are aware, it can get hot and humid here in August. An athlete can lose approximately 3/4 of a gallon of fluid per hour of exercise. In order to prevent dehydration/heat illness and maintain optimum performance levels, replacing that fluid is imperative. Below are some guidelines and tips that you can follow to help you stay hydrated and stay “in the game”. Should you have any questions or concerns, stop by the Athletic Training Room at court level of the Tower at Stowe Stadium.
Effects of Dehydration
• 1% to 2% of body weight decrease can hinder physiological function, which negatively affects performance
• 3% and above of body weight decrease can further negatively affect performance and increase your risk of exertional heat illness (heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke)
Warning Signs of Dehydration
• Thirst • Muscle Cramps • Fatigue • Loss of Performance • Vomiting • Irritability
Preventing Dehydration/Heat Illness
Before Exercise:
• Drink at least 17-20 oz. of fluid 2-3 hours prior to activity
• Drink 7-10 oz. of fluid 20 minutes prior to activity
During Exercise:
         • Drink 7-10 oz. of fluid every 10-15 minutes
         • If activity lasts longer than 45 minutes, fluid replacement should include a sports drink
After Exercise:
• Drink at least 20 oz. of fluid per pound of weight loss within 2 hours. The fluid should contain water, carbohydrates and electrolytes