College Coaches

University First Name Last Name Coach Type Email
Abilene Christian University John Walker Assistant
Amherst College Todd Doebler Head
Arizona State Hill Matt Head
Arizona State University Matt Hill Head
Auburn University Ryan Lipman Assistant
Auburn University Bobby Reynolds Head
Ball State University Bill Richards Head
Baylor University Matt Knoll Head
Boise State University Greg Patton Head
Brigham Young University Matt Cowley Head
Brown University Jacob Klaeson Head
Cal Poly Nicholas Carless Head
Cal Poly Michael Marquez Assistant
Calvin College John Ross Head
Carnegie Mellon University Andrew Girard Head
Clemson University John Boetsch Head
Clemson University Ryan Young Assistant
Columbia University Howard Endelman Assistant
Concordia University Wisconsin Steven Anschutz Head
Cornell University Bruno Santarelli Assistant
Cornell University Silvu Tanasoiu Head
Dartmouth College Tom Boysen Assistant
Dartmouth College Christopher Drake Head
Davidson College Drew Barrett Head
Davidson College Alex Kasarov Assistant
Duke University Ramsey Smith Head
Duke University Jonathan Stokke Assistant
Eastern Illinois Sam Kerchevac Head
Florida Atlantic University Ricardo Gonzalez Head
Florida State University Ryler DeHeart Assistant
Florida State University Dwayne Hultquist Head
Furman University John J. Whitlinger Assistant
Gonzaga University Peter MacDonald Head
Harvard University David Fish Head
Harvard University Andrew Rueb Assistant
Indiana University Mike Murray Assistant
Indiana University Jeremy Wurtzman Head
Liberty University Rich Benson Assistant
Liberty University Chris Johnson Head
Louisiana State University Jeff Brown Head
Louisiana State University Martin Stiegwardt Assistant
Michigan State University Joey Burkhardt Assistant
Michigan State University Gene Orlando Head
North Carolina State University Jon Choboy Head
North Carolina University at Chapel Hill Tripp Phillips Assistant
North Carolina University at Charlotte Jeremy Feldman Head
North Carolina University at Charlotte Andrew Thomson Assistant
Northwestern University Chris Klingemann Assistant
Northwestern University Arvid Swan Head
Ohio State University Justin Kronauge Associate
Ohio State University Ty Tucker Head
Penn State University Paul Tobin Associate
Penn State University Jeff Zinn Head
Pepperdine University Marcelo Ferreira Head
Pepperdine University Martin Parkes Assistant
Princeton University Billy Pate Head
Rice University Bojan Szumanski Assistant
Rice University Efe Ustundag Head
Samford University Rahim Esmail Head
Southern Methodist University Carl Neufeld Head
Southern Methodist University Kyle Spencer Assistant
Stanford University Brandon Coupe Assistant
Stanford University Paul Goldstein Head
Texas A&M University Steve Denton Head
Texas A&M University Kevin O'Shea Assistant
Texas Christian University Devin Bowen Assistant
Texas Christian University David Roditi Head
Texas Tech Brett Masi Head
Texas University at San Antonio Rodrigo da Silva Head
Texas University at San Antonio Dimitar Kutrovsky Assistant
The Citadel Chuck Kriese Head
The College of William & Mary Jeff Kader Head
Trinity University Russell McMinders Head
Tufts University Karl Gregor Head
Tulane University Mark Booras Head
Tulane University James Mckie Assistant
United States Air Force Academy Daniel Oosterhous Head
United States Air Force Academy Evan Urbina Assistant
University of Alabama Ryler DeHeart Assistant
University of Alabama George Husack Head
University of Arizona Alex Emery Assistant
University of Arizona Clancy Shields Head
University of California at Berkeley Tyler Browne Assistant
University of California at Berkeley Peter Wright Head
University of California at Davis Eric Steidlmayer Head
University of California at Los Angeles Grant Chen Head
University of California at Los Angeles Billy Martin Head
University of Central Florida John Roddick Head
University of Denver Drew Eberly Assistant
University of Denver Ricardo Rubio Head
University of Florida Bryan Shelton Head
University of Georgia Manuel Diaz Head
University of Georgia Bo Hodge Assistant
University of Hawaii John Nelson Head
University of Illinois Marcos Asse Assistant
University of Illinois Brad Dancer Head
University of Kentucky Matthew Emery Head
University of Louisville Jakob Gustafsson Assistant
University of Marquette Steven Rodecap Head
University of Michigan Sean Maymi Assistant
University of Michigan Adam Steinberg Head
University of Minnesota Urban Ljubic Assistant
University of Minnesota Geoff Young Head
University of Mississippi Devin Britton Assistant
University of Nevada Las Vegas Owen Hambrook Head
University of Notre Dame Ryan Sachire Head
University of Notre Dame Ryan Sachire Head
University of Notre Dame Adam Schaechterle Assistant
University of Oklahoma Nick Crowel Head
University of Oklahoma Nate Feldman Assistant
University of Oregon Jonas Pilbor Assistant
University of Richmond Ben Johnson Head
University of San Diego Ryan Keckley Head
University of Southern California Kris Kwinta Assistant
University of Southern California Peter Smith Head
University of Texas Bruce Berque Assistant
University of Texas Michael Center Head
University of the Pacific Ryan Redondo Head
University of Tulsa Clifford Marsland Head
University of Virginia Brian Boland Head
University of Virginia Dustin Taylor Assistant
University of Washington Matt Anger Head
University Wisconsin at Madison Scoville Jenkins Assistant
Universtiy Wisconsin at Madison Danny Westerman Head
Valparaiso University Michael Woodson Assistant
Vanderbilt University Ian Duvenhage Head
Vanderbilt University Jamie Hunt Assistant
Virginia Tech Martin Sayer Assistant
Virginia Tech Jim Thompson Head
Wake Forest University Tony Bresky Head
Wesleyan University Mike Fried Head
Winthrop University John Collins Head
Winthrop University John Collins Head
Xavier University John Allare Assistant
Yale University Christian Appleman Assistant
Yale University Alex Dorato Head

Summer, 2017

Dear College Coach:

We hope that you are planning to attend the USTA Boys' 18 & 16 National Championships from August 4-13, 2017. Some things you'll need to know:

1. Purchase a 2017 Player List by credit card, cash or check ($40)

2. Sign up for a printed name badge (No Cost)

Click on the College Coach Registration form below to make your selections and pay on-line for the Player List or note on the form that you will pay at Registration in Kalamazoo.


By mail: Complete the Registration Form and include your check. Checks should be made payable to: Kalamazoo College. Kalamazoo College tax ID # is 38-1358014.


By credit card: Call Terry Miller at 269.337.7343 with your credit card number, or you can complete the College Coach Registration form at: You will receive an instant email receipt and so will the Tournament Office.

On-site: You may register on-site during Player Registration on Thursday & Friday, August 3-4 at the Hicks Center (Lower Level). Beginning August 5: contact Terry Miller at 269.377.3934 or email: This year we are located in the new Fitness and Wellness Center - 131 Academy Street  at the corner of Academy and Catherine Streets. 

If you have any questions, please call the Tournament Office 269.337.7343 or email me at I look forward to seeing you at the tournament this summer.

Terry Miller

Assistant to the Tournament Director


1200 Academy Street • Kalamazoo College • Kalamazoo MI 49006 • Phone 269.337.7343 • Fax 269.337.7385