Player Meeting

2022 Player Meeting Information

  1. 1. Use Match Tennis App to check in at the appropriate tournament desk no later than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled match start time. We use Match Tennis App as our main player communication platform in conjunction with Serve Tennis, as needed. Make sure all your mobile contact information is current and accurate to use this platform efficiently.
  2. 2. You must be registered for the tournament prior to play.

  3. 3. You must participate in all events you register for. Only a referee can authorize a withdrawal, and only for a bona fide injury, illness, or personal circumstance according to USTA rules. A “default no show” for a match, may result in you being defaulted from all your remaining matches. “No show” players are assessed 5 suspension points. Notification after the fact does not satisfy USTA protocol for withdrawing. You must notify the referee prior to your next round match.

  4. 4. The alternate entry list will be posted at the Stowe Stadium tower by 7:45am. Friday.

  5. 5. We intend to chair all matches with USTA certified chair umpires. Line crews may be used on Stowe Stadium courts 1, 2 & 3 in late round main draw matches. Ball runners may be used on those same courts. 

  6. 6. A 5 minute warm up will be used for all matches. Up to 10 minutes is allowed for change of venue of ongoing matches.

  7. 7. All main draw singles matches will be best of 3 tiebreak sets, regular scoring (18’s final is best of 5 sets) with a mandatory 10 minute rest after split sets (after 3 sets in 18’s final). A 10 pt. match deciding tiebreak will be used in lieu of a full third set in all feed-in singles matches up to 3rd place play offs and in all doubles matches up to the semifinals. No-ad scoring will be used in all doubles matches. A mandatory 3 min. rest will occur after split sets in all matches that use a 10 pt. match deciding tiebreak.

  8. 8. Code violation sequence is: point, game, default. All code violations translate into suspension points. Suspension points can be assessed for post match and off court behavior as well.

  9. 9. Wilson extra duty balls will be used for all matches. 3 new balls will be used for two sets. A new can will be used for full third sets. Ball changes at 7 & 9 will be used beginning with all semifinal matches. New balls are not issued for match tiebreaks.

  10. 10. Appropriate tennis attire is required on court at all times. Shirts must be worn on court at all times including practice times.

  11. 11. Electronic devices: Prohibited during play and considered “coaching”. Smartwatches must be removed.  PAT devices may be used if they are an integral part of the racket. No external sensors around the court are allowed however.

  12. 12. Video Capture of match play: Private video capture of match play is permitted only at the Loy Norrix site.  No private recordings may be made at Stowe Stadium or WMU. Tennis Analytics will be capturing that action which will be made available to you.

  13. 13. If you are defaulted for behavior in one event, it can be grounds for defaulting you from all your remaining events.

  14. 14. Coaching is not permitted at any time during play. Coaching is only permitted off court during rest periods or suspension of play.

  15. 15. The USTA reserves the right to conduct random drug tests throughout this event. Alcohol is a drug. This event exercises a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of alcohol by players.

  16. 16. Listen carefully to all public address announcements. Remain on court when play is “stopped”. Leave the court only when play is “suspended”. Consult the tournament website or Serve Tennis for specific resumption information. 

  17. 17. Clean up after yourself following matches and practice, especially at off-site locations.

  18. 18. Fill your water jugs before you go out to court. Bottled water (in jugs) is available on court.

  19. 19. Covid Protocol: Masks are optional at all tournament sites. This is subject to change at any time before or during the tournament. 

  20. 20. Trainers and medical staff are always on duty during play.

  21. 21. You must be evaluated by our medical staff before seeing the referee for permission to withdraw from future matches due to  injury or illness. See item #3 for details. This would also include any retirements.

Darrell Davies / Referee