2021 Registration/Check-In

• Draw Sizes

Singles draw is 224 players. Doubles draw is 112 teams.

• Tournament Registration/Check-In - Boys' 18s and Boys' 16s - NEW IN 2021

Virtual Tournament Desk Registration **MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYERS** by Aug 4th @ 9PM

In response to the COVID-19, we will be using Match Tennis App's Virtual Tournament Desk technology to help facilitate CDC best practices. This registration process includes doubles registration. 

In order to compete in this event, all competitors MUST click the below link to fill out the check-in form:


Players can pick up their player gift bag & player badge (required for entry) at Stowe Stadium during the following schedule:

Thursday, August 5: 10 am to 5 pm

Friday, August 6: 7:30 am to 5 pm

Saturday, August 7: 7:30 am to 12 pm

• COVID Guidelines

All players who are selected for the tournament must submit a photo of their vaccination card if the player is vaccinated. Vaccination cards should be submitted with player's first and last name to ustacovid@kzoo.edu. 

All players, regardless of vaccine status, will be required to complete a symptom check via the app "Campus Clear" and show that they have completed the questionnaire in order to gain entry. Players will also be required to give their name and phone number for contact tracing once per day, per site. 

If a player is NOT vaccinated or not yet fully vaccinated (completed shot schedule based on manufacturer and 2 weeks post last shot), a player will be required to obey the following COVID guidelines & testing requirement:

Upon arrival, player must receive an antigen test prior to picking up their player gift at Stowe Stadium. Testing is free and the hours will be as follows:

  • Wednesday, August 4: TBD
  • Thursday, August 5: 10 am to 5 pm
  • Friday, August 6: 7:30 am to 5 pm
  • Saturday, August 7: TBD

If a player receives a positive antigen test, a free follow up PCR test will be required. Information on where to have the PCR test administered will be provided at that time. 

If a player receives a positive antigen test AND a positive follow up PCR test, the player will be required to withdraw from the tournament and follow Kalamazoo County Health Department quarantine guidelines. All costs incurred due to quarantine are the responsibility of the player. 


**Please note: These testing requirements are subject to change based on Kalamazoo College, local, state and national guidelines. Please continue to check ustaboys.com for COVID updates. 

** Mandatory Player Meeting Information **
1.  You must check into the appropriate tournament desk no later than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled  match start time. We do not use “no sooner than” scheduling and it is not the tournament’s responsibility to locate players for their matches.
2.   You must be registered for the tournament prior to play.
3.   You must participate in all events you register for. Only the referee can authorize a withdrawal, and only for a bona fide injury, illness, or personal circumstance according to USTA rules. A “default no show” for a match, may result in you being defaulted from all your remaining matches. “No show” players are assessed 5 suspension points. Notification after the fact does not satisfy USTA protocol for withdrawing. You must notify the referee prior to a next round match.
4.   The alternate entry list will be posted at the Stowe Stadium tower by 7:45 am Friday.
5.   All main draw outdoor matches will be chaired by USTA certified chair umpires. Indoor matches may be roved. Line crews will be used on Stowe Stadium courts 1, 2 & 3 beginning with main draw quarters. Ball runners will be used on the same courts from day one.
6.   A 5 minute warm up will be used for all matches. Up to 10 minutes in cases of change of venue of ongoing matches.
7.   All main draw singles matches will be best of 3 tiebreak sets, regular scoring (18’s final is best of 5 sets) with a mandatory 10 minute rest after split sets (after 3 sets in 18’s final). A 10 pt. match deciding tie break will be used in lieu of a full third set in all feed-in singles matches up to 3rd. place play offs and all doubles matches up to semifinals including play offs for 3rd place. A mandatory 3 min. rest will occur after split sets when using a 10 pt. match deciding tiebreak in lieu of a full third set.
8.   Code violation sequence is: point, game, default. All code violations carry suspension points. Suspension points can be assessed for behavior off court as well.
9.   Wilson extra duty balls will be used for all matches. new balls will be used for two sets. A new can will be used for full third sets. Ball changes at 9 & 11 will be used beginning with all semifinal matches. New balls are not issued for match tiebreaks.
10.   Appropriate tennis attire is required on court at all times. Shirts must be worn on court at all times including practice times.
11.   Use of any electronic device while on court is prohibited.
12.   If you are defaulted for behavior in one event, it can be grounds for defaulting you from all your remaining events.
13.   Coaching is not permitted at any time during play. Coaching is permitted only off court during rest periods or suspension of play.
14.   The USTA reserves the right to conduct random drug tests throughout this event. Alcohol is a drug. This event exercises a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of alcohol by players.5
15.   Listen carefully to all public address announcements. Remain on court when play is “stopped”. Leave the court only when play is “suspended”. Never leave a site without knowing where and when play will be resumed. Call the Rain Plan Hot Line. For quick up-dates check the tournament web site for specific information www.ustaboys.com
16.   Clean up after yourself following matches and practice, especially at off site locations.
17.   Fill your water jugs before you go out to court. Bottled water (in jugs) is available on court.
18.   Check the back side of your player I.D. badge for important contacts.
19.   Trainers and medical staff are always on duty during play.
20.   You must be evaluated by our medical staff before seeing the referee for permission to withdraw from future matches.
Darrell Davies / Referee

Players - TEXT a SELFIE for your player badge to (269) 350-3072 by JULY 26, 2021

Each player may TEXT a "selfie" prior to the tournament to be used for their Nationals badge.

1 - Must be an ACTUAL SIZE head and shoulders shot (not a reduced size such as small, medium or large)

2 - Must be in portrait (vertical) orientation

3 - Photo must be of ONLY the PLAYER

4 - NO HATS, HEADBANDS or HEADGEAR of any kind

5 - Photo must be approved by the Jr. Nationals Photo Chairman

Any player who does not submit a photo by JULY 26, 2021 or if the photo is unusable due to quality will receive a player badge with no photo. 

• USTA, Medical and Media Supplemental Release Form and Kalamazoo College Release Form

USTA, Medical and Media Fillable Release Form  and Kalamazoo College Release Form must be filled out by parent/guardian and be turned in to Player Registration at Markin Tennis Center when player registers at the Nationals. Please note this is now a fillable PDF so please type in the information and do not handwrite information as it can be difficult to read.

Preferred acceptance of this form is electronic, including signature. This form can be emailed directly to the Tournament Office: ecraig@kzoo.edu. Mail submission is also accepted and information is at the bottom of the form. The form can also be completed and turned in at player bag/badge pick up.

Note: There will be a web-provider removal fee if you request removal of your photograph in the future.

• Payment of Entry Fee by Players Accepted into the Draw After the Entry Deadline

Players who are accepted into the draw after the entry deadline have not yet paid the entry fee. This includes Wild Card recipients and players accepted because of the withdrawal of another player who was originally accepted into the draw. Such players accepted after the entry deadline will be asked to pay their entry fee by check or credit card prior to beginning play in the Tournament. Checks may be made payable to Kalamazoo College - Nationals and should be sent to: Mark Riley, Kalamazoo College, 1200 Academy Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49006. Click on this credit card link to pay.