2024 Tournament Registration

2024 Eligibility: Boys' 18 - Born September 1, 2005 or later
2024 Eligibility: Boys' 16 - Born September 1, 2007 or later

Entry Fee: $155.96 singles / $155.96 doubles (Per USTA rule: Entry fee will be refunded only if player withdraws before Entry Deadline)

• Singles Entry - Online Registration opens May 30, 2024

Serve Tennis Registration Tournament ID #23-04247

Note: Online entries close Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 11:59 A.M. EDT


All players (including alternates) must have applied for entry into the tournament by the July 11, 2024 11:59am EDT deadline. Each player is responsible for finding his own doubles partner.

The doubles registration deadline is Sunday, July 28 at 11:59 P.M. EDT. TO REGISTER A DOUBLES TEAM, BOTH PLAYERS must send an email to confirm their partners name and age division to the Doubles Committee: doubles@kzoo.edu. 

If your doubles partner should change at any time before doubles registration closes, you must email doubles@kzoo.edu with your new doubles partners name and age division. 


Virtual Tournament Desk Registration *MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYERS* by July 28

In order to enhance the quality of your tournament experience, we will be running this tournament with Match Tennis App‘s Virtual Tournament Desk

We will be using Match Tennis App for the following: 

1. In app Pre-Tournament Check-In 

2. In app Match Check-In

3. Court Assignment text messaging 

4. In app viewable next on “Waiting list”  

5. In app viewing of on court “Matches in Progress” 

In order to compete in this event, all competitors MUST click the below link and complete the online check-in form for this tournament.

Click HERE to Complete Your MANDATORY Pre-Tournament Check-In Form 


USTA, Medical and Media Fillable Release Form and Kalamazoo College Release Form must be filled out by player and parent/guardian (if player is under 18) and be turned in prior to Player Check-In at Stowe Stadium. Players who do not complete the release forms prior to Player Check-In will be required to do so at Stowe Stadium before receiving their badge.

Once both waivers have been completed, please forward emailed confirmations to: ustawaivers@kzoo.edu

Players - TEXT a SELFIE for the player board to (269) 350-3072 by July 28, 2024

Each player must TEXT a "selfie" prior to the tournament to be used for their Nationals player ID. This is REQUIRED. 

1 - Must be an ACTUAL SIZE head and shoulders shot (not a reduced size such as small, medium or large)

2 - Must be in portrait (vertical) orientation

3 - Photo must be of ONLY the PLAYER

4 - NO HATS, HEADBANDS or HEADGEAR of any kind

5 - Photo must be approved by the Jr. Nationals Photo Chairman

Players who do not submit a photo by July 28, 2024 or whose photo is not approved will receive a player badge with NO photo. 

Still Need A Doubles Partner?

We will be using The Match Tennis App Free Doubles Pairing Service. 

To Find a Doubles Partner Follow These Steps:

  1. Create a FREE account or login to Match Tennis App by clicking the link below
  2. Search for and click on our tournament details page inside of Match Tennis App
  3. Click the “Find A Doubles Partner” button and add your player’s name to the doubles list
  4. Then contact and be contacted by others looking for a doubles partner 
  5. Once a partner is secured you MUST email the tournament director your name and your partner‘s name and both USTA numbers.

The doubles pairing service is privatized through Match Tennis App, so you do NOT have to share any personal contact info with others unless you choose to do so!