Aug. 13, 2002
August 2002
Aug. 13, 2002
May 2003

Our Most Memorable Moments of 2002

Rookie of the Year Award
  • Gold Ball: Alex Kuznetzov
  • Silver Ball: Mykyta Kryvonos

    The My Future's So Bright I Have to Wear Shades Award

  • Gold Ball: Sally Paulus
  • Silver Ball: Prakash Amritraj

    Best Match

  • Gold Ball: Kean Feeder versus Wayne Odesnik, 18 singles 5th round. Click here for story.
  • Silver Ball: John Isner and Brett Ross versus Stephen and Prakash Amritraj, 18 doubles semifinals. Click here for story.

    Brother, Can You Spare a Seed Award

  • Gold Ball: Mathew Cloer
  • Silver Ball: Nick Rinks

    Players We Can't Wait to See in the 'Zoo Next Year

  • Gold Ball: Scoville Jenkins
  • Silver Ball: Vikram Amritraj, Prakash's 14-year-old brother

    The Jennifer Lopez Partner Change of the Summer Award

  • Gold Ball: Nick Rinks
  • Silver Ball: Brett Ross

    Best Fashion Statement

  • Gold Ball: James Pade's lucky red sock.
  • Silver Ball: Nainoa Depontes' star-powered hair style.

    Matches We Wanted to See but Didn't

  • Gold Ball: Brian Baker vs. Rajeev Ram
  • Silver Ball: Wayne Odesnik vs. Nestor Briceno for the 16s singles championship

    The You've Still Got It, Babe Award

  • Gold Ball: Vanderbilt Coach Ken Flach, see story
  • Silver Ball: Douglas Stewart, who at age 14 held the #1 USTA rank.

    Most Photogenic Award

  • Gold Ball: Kean Feeder
  • Silver Ball: Billy Heiser
    (Sorry Lester, repeat winners are not allowed)

    Better Late Than Never Award

  • Gold Ball: Matias Boeker
  • Silver Ball: Travis Helgeson

    If Tennis Does Not Work Out, You Could Always Be a Media Star Award

  • Gold Ball: Rajeev Ram
  • Silver Ball: Justin Montgomery

    Best Ballrunner Contribution to a Photo Award

  • Gold Ball: Click here
  • Silver Ball: Click Here

    The Austin Powers Give Me Back My MoJo Award

  • Gold Ball: Rajeev Ram of Carmel IN for beating John Isner in the 18s doubles final after Isner beat him in the 4th round of singles play.
  • Silver Ball: Brandon Wai of San Diego CA for beating Chong Wang in the 16s doubles quarterfinals after losing to him the 16s singles 4th round.

    Least Likely to be Mistaken for a Ballrunner Award

  • Gold Ball: John Isner
  • Silver Ball: Jonathan Stokke

    The Jekyll and Hyde Award

  • Gold Ball: The Seeding Committee, whose spectacular prognostications in the 18s brackets were not matched in the 16s (see Draws)
  • Silver Ball: The weather: the first half of the tournament featured stifling heat, oppressive humidity, rain delays, and a tornado warning. The second half saw temperatures in the high 70's and sunshine.

    Somebody Up There Likes Me Award

  • Gold Ball: Prakash Amritraj vs. Robert Yim
  • Silver Ball: Prakash Amritraj vs. Doug Stewart

    The Bad Start Award

  • Gold Ball: 24th seed Jason Pinsky of Potomac MD lost his second round match in the 16s singles bracket, but reached the Feed-In semifinals by winning 9 matches in a row.
  • Silver Ball: 11th seed Michael Samara of Sarasota FL showed up at his second round match with Billy Heiser within seconds of defaulting and Heiser was spotted a 3-0 lead in the set. Samara came back to make it a match but fell 6-4, 7-6(5).

    The Maybe Kalamazoo Tennis Crowds Are Not Just There For The Sport Award

  • Gold Ball: "There are 196 eighteen-year-old boys here, and I can't find one that is even moderately good looking" (we're just reporting what we heard, folks)
  • Silver Ball: "Hello? Amy? No it's not a bad time, I'm just watching tennis."
    (This award is dedicated to any player who listed "Girls" as a favorite hobby in his profile.)

    The I'm Trying to Impress Britney Spears Award

  • Gold Ball: Brian Baker
  • Silver Ball: Prakash Amritraj

    Best Player Profile

  • Gold Ball: Jonathan Stokke
  • Silver Ball: Jesse Ferlianto

    Best Player Profile Photo

  • 16s division
    Jason Basile
    Blake Muller

  • 18s division
    Treat Huey
    Christopher Rasmussen

    Best Typo in a Player Profile

  • Gold Ball: Scoville Jenkins, under Self Described Play
  • Silver Ball: Douglas Stewart, under Best Tennis Memory (Where we're from, tennis isn't a contact sport, but more power to you, Doug.)

    Source: USTA Boys Staff