April 29, 2008
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April 29, 2008
May 2008

Upcoming Kalamazoo Umpire Schools

Darrell Davies will be conducting two Umpire Schools in Kalamazoo this year.

There will be a RE-Certification School (for umps previously certified for 5 years) on Saturday May 17, 8am-5pm. This school includes: standard USTA (which everyone needs regardless), ITA (collegiate), and USTA Referee in that order throughout the day. Lunch will be catered in.

There will be a "Rookie" School (for those uncertified or previously certified for less than 5 years) on Sunday May 18, 8am-1pm. This will not include ITA or Referee portions, just the mandatory USTA portion. No lunch will be provided in this school.

Darrell needs a head count for the materials and lunches as soon as possible. These are the only schools he will do in Kalamazoo. Others will be offered in Lansing and Ann Arbor later this summer.

Please contact Darrell on or before Wednesday, May 14, regarding your attendance. Email:

Source: Julie Gibson